... 12 of the worst cars ever built. Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:20 am Subject: Re: Russians. Moved Permanently. Drivers in the Russian capital averaged 210 hours in traffic and reached an average speed of around 18 kilometers per hour last year. Probably the worst drivers in the world. Italy’s rating on the Worst Drivers Index (out of 10) – 7. Redirecting to /5926297/the-ten-countries-with-the-worst-drivers Worst Drivers In The World: Case Study Number Two: Egyptian Taxis. In honor of National Infrastructure Week here are the worst roads in America ranked by state. A new survey shows Californians are the third-worst drivers in the nation after Mississippi and Tennessee — yeah, right. news Moscow Has the Worst Traffic Jams in the World, Study Says 10 worst drivers… Well, I have lived inthe Philippines for about 6 years now, and a year ago I moved down south to one of the provinces. ... but drivers who tried to use it soon learned that the three-wheel design made the car easy to roll over. America, land of the free, home of the brave, potholes and faulty bridges.

Here is some advice – one should refuse to enter a Cairo taxi, even if one really needs to. Truck drivers take to the roads of America each and every day, hauling freight and delivering the things we desire most while others drive to work, visit loved ones or travel for vacation. I can tell you there are some lousy drivers here, and combine that with the total disregard for any traffic safety regulation ever you have a serious problem.

The 12 worst cars ever built.

7,156 Likes, 149 Comments - Worst Car Crashes (@worstcarcrashes) on Instagram: “Russian drivers crash through a guardrail into a stream and casually start floating away, seemingly…” A fascinating insight into Italian culture!.

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