In many ways, the Internet has been and continues to be a monumental blessing for writers. 12 tumblr

I'm always carrying a notebook.

Whether it be my bullet journal, my diary, or my sketchbook, I've always got paper to write on. Bryanne Spurlock. I've scribbled thoughts down on receipts even.

Not because I’ve got anything brilliant to say. Aug 22, 2016.

Middleburg, Florida. But because I get off on the attention. Its revelations reveal so much more than one could expect. Why is Writing Important for Students?
Spending five hours once a week on a working project isn't nearly as valuable as spending one hour per day for five days straight. Or nothing more brilliant to say than most bums on the street. I wrote about this is in the past. Be prepared for the next time your student questions you with this list of reasons students should write every day! 3 min read. Whether you’re aiming to improve your vocabulary, keep track of your dreams, or keep a journal of all the goings-on in your world, writing daily can bring about some stellar effects in your life. So I write every day. Because it’s not too hard, like at all, to prey on the need to feel that most people suffer in their schlubby, stumbling lives. Why I Write Everyday Before I even think about drinking coffee, I write. You need to write every day.

1. Improved Communication: Writing regularly improves the way we put our thoughts onto paper and how we explain those thoughts to others. Writing first improves your storytelling skills and allow you to become better at telling your stories in person after.

By writing every day, you will become a better storyteller. 14 min read. Every time one sits to write every time one is surprised by its own created magic. Writing every day, even in a stream-of-consciousness, unedited format will maintain and gradually improve your writing skills, and since dealing with the written word is a fundamental part of daily modern life, there’s nothing bad about that. The allure of writing is like a commitment to a narcotic; you can never use it up or get enough of it.
Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash. Writing every day has numerous benefits far beyond finally getting that novel of yours out in the open. Spending five hours once a week on a working project isn't nearly as valuable as spending one hour per day for five days straight. If you’re an introvert like me, words just don’t come out as easily orally and they do on paper.

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