“Idleness is the Dead Sea that swallows all the virtues and is the self-made sepulcher of a living man.” Yes!

Answer: There are several different words translated “idleness” in the Bible. In 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 it sounded like Paul was about to end his letter. Question: "What does the Bible say about idleness/being idle?" The Thessalonian church has struggled with several problems, including persecution, a misunderstanding of Christ's coming, and lax sexual morals.

In brief. Even though we try to fill up every moment, modern life is punctuated by lulls.

Procrastination. But then it seems that he realizes that he must confront another issue that is disrupting the church -- idleness. "The bad rap that idleness has is a real problem," he says, "because idleness is really the time when … Bible verses about idleness. Take advantage of opportunities to turn your brain off, whether it's during your commute, at the gym, or while waiting for a tardy lunch date. Ricardo Semler advocates idleness and his company, Semco, has …

One of the things that God hates is idleness. Why Idleness Paves the Way for Your Success (Yes, Really!)
With a culture where staff set their own salaries and take nap breaks, how did businessman Ricardo Semler ever become a millionaire?

The psychology of laziness, procrastination, and idleness. No … Too many young people today have allowed idleness to swallow their virtues, causing them to descend into the pit of delinquency and crime. Not only does it bring poverty, but it brings shame, hunger, disappointment, ruin, and more sin in your life. Ricardo Semler on why idleness is good for business. Idleness was seen both as a commodity and as a symbolic capital that defined a noble lifestyle ... Why Boredom is Good, can be narrow and self …

Laziness should not be confounded with procrastination or idleness.

Have you ever heard the phrase idle hands are the devil’s workshop?

'Idleness is good' ... he advocates idleness.