My time in wholesale and retail has made me a candidate with a unique set of skills that have been refined by face to face customer and client interactions. How to Answer “What Makes You Unique?” in 150 Characters.

Choose a few things you particularly enjoy or excel at, and focus on those in your answer. is not an opportunity to confess weird habits or odd quirks. Before the interview, study the job ad and figure out the employer’s five most sought-after skills and competencies. Tip: Like the previous question, hiring managers often include this question to make sure you understand the role and give you an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills. These Steps Can Help You Answer a Variety of Interview Questions If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll have a great answer any time an interviewer asks you what makes you unique as a candidate, or what you can bring to their business that nobody else has, etc. Understanding what makes you unique will not only help you with your next interview, but it’s something you can use for the rest of your career. Keep in mind that you should have a definite, interesting and relevant answer to this question. It's a chance to provide the interviewer with insight into how you'd be the best candidate for a role, while proving you're someone who can think on her feet. To help you come up with your own answers, here are three examples of possible “What makes you unique” interview answers. 2 Example Answers to “What Makes You Unique?” for Sales Department Interviews "I bring to the table seven years of customer service experience and excellence. Be honest. For a position that requires a team leader: "I find that it’s easy for me to relate to a wide variety of people. Here's a list of examples of these behavioral interview questions you may be asked. Make a list of your strengths before you go into the interview, so you know what you will share. If you have chosen a genuine, interesting and relevant skill or quality, then further questions should not be a problem. In brief, they want to know why you’re better than others for this job. (Looking for more interview advice?

Some say it's one of the hardest job interview questions to answer: "what makes you unique?" You might be asked, "What makes you unique?"

Once you’ve done the work to get the foundation of your answer in place, all it will take is some slight tweaking depending on the position you’re applying for. In addition to thoroughly reading the job description, it can be helpful to compare the role requirements against your skills and experience. To identify what sets you apart from other professionals in your field, employers might ask the popular interview question, “What makes you unique?” Use this opportunity to expand on relevant qualities that make you the best fit for the position. That’s a step you should be taking for any interview, not just for one specific interview question. Possible Follow-Up Questions Here are some related questions you might be asked during a job interview that will require some thought to answer. Read this article on answering other common interview questions you might face.)

The interviewer might ask follow-up questions to “What makes you unique?”, so be prepared to expand further on your answer. They’re also looking for your unique selling point (USP).

By preparing an honest, informative answer, you can help the employer recognize the valuable assets you’ll bring to their organization. With the pointers in this article, you can identify and use your uniqueness to your advantage when looking for a job. ‘What makes you unique?’ is a common job interview question that sometimes even the most qualified job seekers have trouble answering. Look at the job description and match it with your skills.

Think critically about your work history (and education if applicable).

How to Answer “What Makes You Unique?” in 150 Characters. You’ll sometimes see in online applications a question like, “In 150 characters or fewer, tell us what makes you unique.