Learn about the initiatives in place on a national and international level to assist the fight against human trafficking and smuggling. We are implementing our Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy to improve how we identify and support victims, deal with the causes of trafficking and exploitation, and punish perpetrators. Raising awareness. The Federal Government is committed to preventing human trafficking and the online sexual exploitation of children. STOP is a registered Non-Profit Christian Organization that aims to combat human trafficking through prevention. We are improving shelter and care for victims, intensifying our efforts in terms of tracing perpetrators and attempting to identify these forms of exploitation more quickly. News item | 14-11-2018 | 15:30 .
Government fight against human trafficking and smuggling. We are making sure that it is recognised, recorded and punished, and victims get the help and support they need. Fight against human trafficking. The Netherlands is bolstering its approach to human trafficking. Actions. We do this by raising awareness, doing activism, supporting those on the front lines and running Prevention Versus Cure (Our online scam vetting agency).

Meanwhile, the multi-sectoral national task team set up by the government will embark on an aggressive educational awareness campaign building up to Child Protection Week, which runs … The Thai government struggles to effectively combat and prevent human trafficking, and though it is no excuse, in fact, it lacks adequate resources to handle its disproportionate problem. The government must make sufficient resources available to fight human trafficking; and ; Programmes must emphasise prevention of human trafficking through public education initiatives. Help and protection for trafficking victims Trafficking human beings is an appalling abuse of human rights.