Bioinformatics Graduate Program at UCLA 172 Boyer Hall 611 Charles E. Young Drive Box 951570 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1570. Back to Majors/Minors. Hey all, I'm a UCI grad posting for my little sister whose a sophomore at UCLA. Bioinformatics is a new field of science that results from the application of information sciences to biology. Visit the registrar's site for the Bioinformatics’s course descriptions

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS. 1: Effective Spring 2018, the Music History minor was formally renamed to Musicology 2: Effective Winter 2019, the Teaching Secondary Mathematics minor was formally renamed to Mathematics for Teaching 3: Effective Winter 2019, the History of Science and Medicine minor was formally renamed to History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

This avoids a common pitfall in interdisciplinary …

While we do adjust the Minor curriculum to help students efficiently complete both their Major and Minor requirements within 4 years, each of our graduates has exactly the same amount of training in their Major as fellow Majors who are not in the Minor.

Bioinformatics Minor The Bioinformatics minor introduces undergraduate students to the emerging interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics, an active area of research at UCLA combining elements of the computational sciences with the biological sciences.

Visit the Bioinformatics’s faculty roster.

Beginning in Fall 2012, undergraduates in any UCLA Major can can obtain a Bioinformatics Minor. Notes. The UCLA Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minor program encourages all students currently enrolled as program minors as well as those who may be interested in learning more about the Bioinformatics minor as well as research opportunities in Bioinformatics to attend our quarterly information session on Tuesday, May 24th at 5-6pm in Boelter Hall 4760. Through a comprehensive set of courses, it provides a solid foundation in active research problems at the interface of computer science, biology, and mathematics.

UCLA Computer Science Masters students are encouraged to get involved through graduate courses in Bioinformatics which are applicable to their Masters program.

Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minor Bioinformatics is an important interdisciplinary research area with tremendous opportunity in graduate training and industry employment.

There are plenty of opportunities for current UCLA students to get involved in bioinformatics research projects .

Bioinformatics Minor?

FACULTY. The UCLA Bioinformatics Minor allows students to develop an integrated understanding of genomic-scale research. She's interested in the bioinformatics minor but doesn't know any cs people(she's a biochem major).

Its goals are to facilitate data storage and retrieval, and the extraction of useful information from biological data. Every student graduating from UCLA with a Bioinformatics Minor also completes an academic Major program.