US Mercenaries Captured After Failed Coup to Be Charged as Terrorists by Venezuela Govt - US Govt Wants Them Back by Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge ) Minneapolis: 99% White, Targeted for Immigration, Turned Black and Islamic Crime Center (Great Replacement) by Gregory Hood, Paul Kersey, Henry Wolff (American Renaissance ) Certain travel lessons can be gleaned from the philosophy of Tyler Durden. Ohh boy, the same question was haunting me from the past three years! When it hit theaters in 1999 with an unbelievably carved Brad Pitt and ingeniously beleaguered Ed Norton, author Chuck Palahniuk found himself with a giant, rabid, new fan base dedicated to Tyler Durden and his philosophy. When he arrives back at his apartment building, the narrator finds out that his condo has Tyler Durden will always go down as one of the “coolest” characters in any movie ever. Tyler Durden — the alter ego for Fight Club’s main character played by Brad Pitt — became an anarchic, anti-hero icon to millions of young American adults coping with the pre-millennial challenges.

In the 1999 movie Fight Club, the narrator (Edward Norton) ends up next to a mysterious stranger called Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) on an evening flight home.

Tyler Durden (without spoiling the movie for people who haven’t seen the movie) is the epitome of counter-culture, anti-consumerism individuality (although the movie explores many juxtapositions within the context of his philosophy). The story is grafted on two characters, one respecting the laws of society (the narrator / Edward Norton) and the other not (Tyler Durden / Brad Pitt).

The reason why Tyler Durden acts the way that he does is because these things, in the grand scale of things, do not matter. He is a raft for the ones were lost in the midst of see where every unnecessary bullshit is trying to swallow them one minute at a time. Tyler Durden does not care if Jack’s apartment is blown up, or if he hurts the feelings of Jack’s would-be girlfriend, Marla Singer, or if civilization is destroyed for the sake of Project Mayhem. Most of us have seen the movie Fight Club . Edward Norton plays a technician to call the factory for a major brand of car. I'd really love to hear an answer from someone, so I'm eagerly waiting and following this question. I think Tyler Durden has become a cultural icon for those who lack the courage to live their life the way they want to.

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