0521640172 - Voltaire: Treatise on Tolerance Edited by Simon Harvey Excerpt More information. The basis of social and political philosophy for generations, these books laid the foundation of the modern democratic state in England and abroad. Treatise on Tolerance First and foremost, I would like to pay tribute to the soul of Erasmus, who was the master of tolerance and pluralism. apology for: Here it means ‘defence of’. VOLTAIRE, TOLERATION AND OTHER ESSAYS (1763) INTRODUCTION IT seems useful, in presenting to English readers this selection of the works of Voltaire, to recall the position and personality of the writer and the circumstances in which the works were written. And yet he was interred with great pomp in the church of St Etienne, in spite of the priest’s objections against such profanation of sanctified ground. The second argues for a broad acceptance of alternative religious convictions. convulsionaries: ‘A sect of Jansenist fanatics who repeat- edly threw themselves into convulsions on the tomb of Treatise on Tolerance Voltaire Glossary annate: ‘The first year’s revenue of a see or benefice, paid to the Pope’ (OED). I commend their record of cultural and humanitarian The first of these two highly influential documents refutes the concept of monarchy's divine right. Next, I would like to thank the board of the Erasmus Prize Foundation which selected me as one of the three winners of the Foundation’s 2004 award. shame.

It is too lightly assumed, even by many who enjoy the freedom which he, more than condition: As used on page46and perhaps elsewhere, it means something like ‘socio-economic status’. Honoured Sir, Since you are pleased to inquire what are my thoughts about the mutual toleration of Christians in their different professions of religion, I must needs answer you freely that I esteem that toleration to be the chief

A Letter Concerning Toleration John Locke translated by William Popple 1689. Discover and share the most famous quotes from the book A Treatise on Tolerance.

Voltaire was buried in consecrated ground at Romilly-on-Seine, but in 1791 the National Assembly ordered his body entombed alongside René Descartes and other great French thinkers at the Panthéon in Paris. The selection opens with the Treatise on Toleration, which has a mainly historical interest, and illustrates the finest side of Voltaire’s work and Edition: current; Page: [xiv] character.