Ask your question. Source(s) The Prince. To join the elite club of good leaders, you must have all these qualities but if you lack some of these qualities, then you might struggle to make the mark in the world of leadership. Grade 4 - Term 2: Learning from leaders This topic looks at what makes a good or great leader, and how we can learn from them. 1. A good leader acts strategically, they craft out a vision and refer constantly to their vision, in their communications and when giving feedback. The abortive fate of The Prince makes you wonder why some of the great utopian texts of our tradition have had much more effect on reality itself, like The Republic of Plato, or Rousseau’s peculiar form of utopianism, which was so important for the French Revolution. Asked by Jaedyn C #890275 on 4/22/2019 4:43 PM Last updated by jill d #170087 on 4/22/2019 5:22 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. Ask and answer questions about the novel or view Study Guides, Literature Essays and more. Philopoemen (253-184 B.C.) Summarize Machiavelli's beliefs about what makes a great leader. Find an answer to your question What’s Machiavelli beliefs about what makes a great leader 1. As a leader, “there is no other way to guard yourself against flattery,” Machiavelli wrote, “than by making men understand that telling you the truth will not offend you.” To Machiavelli, authenticity—or at least openness—is essential to good leadership. This leads him into the theme of the next segment of the book, the behavior and character of the prince. In fact, being open to learning is paramount to your success. Join now. Log in. He proposed that the overwhelming responsibility of a good prince is to defend the state from external and internal threats to stable governance. The United States is a nation made up of people with many different backgrounds.

Since Mexico is a neighboring country, many of these people are Mexican or Mexican-American. That is where your commitment, passion, empathy, honesty and integrity come into play. Remember that when in doubt, consult the Leader Laws in this guide. He closes the chapter with a discussion of personal qualities of the great leaders of history. Log In To Your … This informational text describes how many immigrants and Mexican-Americans worked on farms for low pay and little respect throughout the 20th century, and even today.

You will have to set a good example for others to follow. English. Unlike the other Israelites, he never experiences slavery. High School.

Log in. They are firstly a good manager and they are focused on their people, surrounding themselves with good people. The CAPS curriculum emphasizes Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi as great leaders, focusing on the qualities they possess and using their life stories as examples. You got this! Machiavelli wrote his most famous work, The Prince (1513), about how to get and keep power and what makes individuals effective leaders. Glossary. Summarize Machiavelli's beliefs about what makes a great leader. Join the discussion about The Prince.

What.....???? Answered by jill d #170087 on 4/22/2019 5:22 PM Great leaders are powerful, but they also take great care in winning over the support of the people. Discover More! What was Machiavelli’s beliefs about what makes a great ... ... . 6 points nasb14 Asked 01/11/2019. Summary, what makes a good leader? Machiavelli describes leaders and their mistakes so what qualities does Machiavelli illude to that make a good leader? Summarize Machiavelli beliefs about what makes a great leader Summarize Machiavelli beliefs about what makes a great leader Asked by Tonya C #980403 on 2/15/2020 4:29 AM Join now. Greek general and leader of the Achaean League; he defeated Nabis the Spartan on several occasions. "Great leaders have clarity of purpose and are great at articulating their beliefs. We’ve put together some of our favourite go-to leadership resources so you can keep on keeping on. Asked by Samuel W #512265 on 3/19/2016 10:06 PM Last updated by Aslan on 3/19/2016 10:18 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. A true leader is one that leads by example, leads from the bottom, and leads with humanity. Moses’s birth seems to suggest he was destined for great things. See answers (1) Ask for details ; Follow Report Log in to add a comment Answer 4. aozorarose +3 dome7w and 3 others learned from this answer Explanation: Machiavelli's beliefs are that a good leader must have authenticity and openness, that is the first thing that a good leader have to feel and live. Answered by Aslan on 3/19/2016 10:18 PM Machiavelli argues that it is safer for a prince to be feared than it is for him to be loved.

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