A guide for conducting nursing research at KUMC. Implementing evidence into practice requires nurses to identify, critically appraise and synthesise research. Grey Literature can be diffcult to locate because it is usually only found outside of the standard commercial research databases. Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students is an open textbook designed for students in graduate-level nursing and education programs. Chapter 5 of Introduction to Nursing Research: Incorporating Evidence-based Practice (Cannon & Boswell, 2011, 2nd ed.

This may require a comprehensive literature review: this article aims to outline the approaches and stages required and provides a working example of a published review. The literature review process entails a systematic examination of prior research, evaluation studies, and scholarship to answer questions of theory, policy, and practice. This is 56% of the total number of deaths recorded in 2008 and is in contrast to 16% of people who … Secondary source materials can be articles in newspapers or popular magazines, book or movie reviews, or articles found in scholarly journals that discuss or evaluate someone else's original research. AN INTEGRATIVE LITERATURE REVIEW FRAMEWORK FOR POSTGRADUATE NURSING RESEARCH REVIEWS Christmals, Christmal Dela University of Witwatersrand SOUTH AFRICA Gross, Janet J. Morehead State University (USA), Southern Africa … The effects of patient death on nursing staff: a literature review Over 260,000 patients die in National Health Service (NHS) hospitals each year in England and Wales. That is, it represents the literature that provides background information on your topic and shows a correspondence between those writings and your research … If you are conducting an in-depth literature review or systematic review on a particular topic, it is important to search for grey literature in addition to studies and articles found in PubMed or CINAHL to ensure that you haven't missed anything important or useful. A literature review is an integrated analysis-- not just a summary-- of scholarly writings that are related directly to your research question. Read this short article entry from the Encyclopedia of Evaluation to learn about literature reviews and how an integrative review … Chronological: If your review follows the chronological method, you could write about the materials above according to when they were published.
Secondary sources describe, discuss, interpret, comment upon, analyze, evaluate, summarize, and process primary sources. Its intent is to recognize the significant role the literature review plays in the research process and to prepare students for the work that goes into writing one.
Sudbury, Mass: Jones & Bartlett Learning) covers the purpose and process of a literature review in the context of writing a research article, thesis, or dissertation.

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