genetic) or acquired (i.e. 04/05/17 Philosophy Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Debate Of Whether Psychology Is A Science. He meant that psychology had not quite reached the stage of being a science, but may do one day. It is the source of all thought and behaviour. Instead, it has levels of explanations that are used to explain phenomena. Nurture which refers to all environmental influences after conception, i.e. Thomas Kuhn (1990) said, because of this ‘psychology is a pre-science’. It is not overarching to say that science is what separates human beings from animals, and, as time goes by and we learn more about our animal neighbors here on Earth, it becomes increasingly clear that science is all that separates humans from animals. By adopting a scientific approach in psychology, it has led to a wide range of practical application, which has helped a large number of people. To do that we will need to… Consider what a science is. Nature is that which is inherited / genetic. learned) characteristics.. This debate within psychology is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behavior are a product of either inherited (i.e. Consider if the goals of science are appropriate for psychology. experience. The whole set will receive a single grade depending on your performance in this discussion. It’s one of the most misplaced, misfiring scientific discussions you can have and probably not for the reasons you think. Is psychology a science? Evidence in support of psychology’s scientific nature emphasises the benefits of conducting psychology research in line with the principles of hypothetico-deductivism such as greater control, replicability, and robust statistical analyses. However, psychology does not have any of these. In Physics and Chemistry, my two favourite sciences, results are repeatable and can be confirmed by other scientists across the world. (Original post by mrsuperguy) I was thinking about this question and I realised that psychology is comprised of so many different fields and theories that to ask if it, as a whole is a science is sort of a question with no actual answer because in my view it as a whole doesn't actually have the property of being or not being a science. Many students considering studying A Level Psychology may be unclear as to whether psychology is a science and what it is like. 1751 words (7 pages) Essay in Philosophy. EDEXCEL, issue and debate - psychology as a science for AS, including COGNITIVE, SOCIAL, LEARNING AND BIOLOGICAL (A LEVEL SOON) Nature is that which is inherited / genetic. This makes us feel existentially secure. Consider if psychology can and should claim to be a science. For this reason psychology cannot at this stage be called a science as so much of it is up for debate.

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