Nebraska students are invited to tell their stories using creative writing skills and illustrations in the 2020 NET PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Writing Contests Sonnet Poetry Contest Just like Shakespeare did, discover the rhythm and rhyme scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet. Nebraska students are invited to tell their stories using creative writing skills and illustrations in the 2020 NET PBS KIDS Writers Contest. The Contest begins ston or about January 1. st. 2020 and ends with the announcement of winners on or about May 31 2020. The contest, sponsored by NET, Nebraska’s PBS and NPR Stations, is open to all Nebraska students in kindergarten through third grade. The NET PBS KIDS Writers Contest is produced by NET (the “Contest” or “Promotion”) and based on the Reading Rainbow® Young Writers and Illustrators Contest, a concept developed by WNED. Cash prize for the winning entry. Click here to create your free account. So if the free fiction writing contest requires 100 words that should be the total in the body of your work (no more, no less). Over 50 writing contests to choose from. To enter the Contest you …

1800 N. 33rd Street . Some writing contests do not have a word count requirement. Normally the title of your work is not included in the count. Violet Nuss, a Gretna resident who recently finished first grade at Springfield Elementary School, recently took second in the 2019 NET PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Get feedback for everything you post including your contest entries. – Subject: 2020 Writers Contest NET KIDS . 2019 NET PBS KIDS Writer’s Contest Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to read yours! LINCOLN — Students across Nebraska have the opportunity to showcase their creative writing and drawing skills by participating in the 2019 NET PBS KIDS Writer’s Contest. Attn: Writers Contest . Students can show off creative writing and illustrating skills by sending their original stories to NET. This Contest consists of one round of local judging.

NET PBS KIDS Writers Contest Entry Form, 2020 .

Lincoln, NE 68503.

Share your writing, get helpful feedback, and enter a writing contest. For these contests we recommend keeping the word count to 5,000 words or less.

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