She’s beautiful, tall, innocent, sweet and thoughtful. I feel like I blinked and you went from a precious 13-month-old to precocious 13-year-old. If you get stuck for ideas on what to write, you can use one of these 80 Letter-Writing Prompts to get you started. A few examples: Start your new communication style with this simple guide: How To: Write an Encouraging Note to a Teenager. The reason why I got involved in serving the Youth Ministry at my church is because I remember the teen years so well. Kids: one minute they’re six, the next minute they’re driving and dating and rolling their eyes—in a bad way. Encouraging Words for a Teenage Girl. 09/05/2011 by Jill Anderson 64 Comments ... And more specifically the kind of teenage girl I don’t want them to be. I pray these encouraging words for a teenage girl will help you and others see life with the hope of Jesus Christ.

The writer should outline his emphasis on the trust he has that the teen will succeed and offer any assistance to help the teen reach her goals. My teenage niece is growing up faster than I’d like to realize. You’re growing up faster than I could have ever imagined. But, is it just me, or is this an exceptionally hard time to be raising girls. When writing an inspirational letter to a teenager, include words that show support for that teen's dreams and goals. I am the mother of two boys ages 8 and 11 and they went to Christian school since K-5 (my 11 year old did : ) and for the first year EVER my boys started attending public school. After I finished writing, God brought all of you to my mind. A Letter for Every Teenage Girl.

It’s filled with inspiration and ideas on how to write letters to teenagers. Thank you for the letter to a teenage boy and also the one about Christian schools and the great debate. Dear Sweet Child of Mine, I know you are so big now. You see, even though God spoke this to me, He didn’t intend it to be for me alone. Samantha Nieves identity 12 Comments Print. Thanks for the great letter to your daughters. I would like to share God’s love letter …

A Letter To My Teenage Daughters. By Jenn Arman.
While I was praying recently, God spoke something very special to me — a love letter!

; Want to get a little more creative? A Love Letter From God to You!

It’s a beautiful time to watch her grow. In my mind, you went from 16 …

I am sure raising girls has been difficult for a long time. DEAR DAUGHTER: Tomorrow you turn 13 and you are officially a full-fledged teenager. This letter from a mother to her teenage daughter is a great reminder that parenting is not a popularity contest, it’s a calling. Your teenage heart needs deep, durable roots planted in these truths about our immense-yet-personal God. The tone of an inspirational letter should be positive and encouraging.