Posted on Nov 28, 2012 Dear Rabbi Hyim, Thank you for your column last time about sex in the Jewish community that was very interesting, I even read it to my boyfriend. Jewish people sure seem to have a healthy attitude toward sex. So in his codification of the Jewish law, Maimonides ("Yad," Ishut, xiv. It is only in the later times that their religious men frowned upon it or forbade it outright. Polygamy is not a practice limited to the religion of Islam; rather, it is something well-known in the history of the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, as well. Ashkenazi Jews likely grew out of Italian Jewish communities. 65a, below). The Jewish law reached the Middle Ages with polygamy permitted, but not much practised. There was nothing in Europe to encourage Jewish polygamy among the Ashkenazim. Theoretically a man might have several wives if he wished, for R. Ami's view to the contrary does not seem to have been accepted (Yeb. As such, they were religiously predisposed to lean towards monogamy and were in a culture that encouraged monogamy. Jesus also tolerated polygamy for his followers, although he did not begin to create a family, and during his stay on earth never married. In Jewish law the concept of bigamy (or polygamy) can involve either (1) a married woman (eshet ish) purporting to contract a second marriage to another man (or to other men) during the subsistence of her first marriage; or (2) a married man contracting marriages to other women during the subsistence of his first marriage.These two aspects must be considered separately.

As Christian religious figure Eugene Hillman put it: "Nowhere in the New Testament is there a single commandment that says marriage should be monogamous, just as there is not a single clear command that prohibits polygamy." Polygamy in Christianity. ; comp. Jewish Polygamy. Polygamy in Judaism and Christianity Submitted by Amenah Rahman. As they moved to Germanic lands, the natives had embraced Roman customs such as monogamy.

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