More important, however, he's the guy who hits the jackpot when he elopes with Jessica. Explain the relationship between Portia and her father in The Merchant of Venice. However, when their friends get back, they find out that Shylock has The audience notes how genuinely the two love each other. Finally, though, as part of the romantic plot, all will be well with Jessica, and she will be a …

Lorenzo comes to rescue her from Shylock’s home. Dressed in boy’s clothes Jessica waits for Lorenzo .

Lorenzo. Interestingly, even though Jessica's intention to leave her father's household and rush into her lover's arms seems natural enough, Jessica is aware of her "sin," being her father's child. While they are gone, Jessica and Lorenzo watch over the house and try to get romantic, but fail. 5. Plot: Let's talk Impossible Lovers Ties to the Bible 4.

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During this exchange, Jessica reveals her playful character. Get an answer for 'How does the sub-plot involving Jessica and Lorenzo support the main plot of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice structurally and thematically?'

The Elopement The Merchant of Venice Plot three Bassanio, Gratiano, Portia and Nerissa have to go away to Venice. Shylock responds , “ My daughter ! Lorenzo is pals with Antonio and Bassanio. Remember how Jessica loaded herself up with her dad's ducats and family heirlooms when she ran off to get hitched behind Shylock's back? Well, all of that money becomes Lorenzo's the second he weds Jessica. Jessica brings along with her many of Shylock’s many valuable goods andmoney.

As Lorenzo and Jessica wait at Portia’s house, they compare themselves to famous lovers.

Lorenzo and Jessica go back and forth with declarations of love. The Prince of Morocco visits Portia in Belmont to try his luck with the caskets. Jessica, Shylock’s daughter, runs away from home to be with Lorenzo.