0 0 0. i am doing art gcse my grade is a B my target grade is an A, i just want to know is art a level art hard?

There are lots of opportunities to experiment and work in the way that you want to and the course offers a certain level of freedom. is art a level hard? 1 Answer. A-levels in maths and science are far harder than in subjects like media studies, large-scale research commissioned by the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society has found. It states that while there is no "set definition" of a "hard" or "soft" subject, so-called "hard" subjects are like the ones the top universities prefer and are more theoretical. With the benefit of hindsight, there are a few things I wish someone had told me If you’re studying A-levels you’ll need your friends when the pressure mounts. Although its hard to imagine just how this can be possible, it is true that A-Levels are even harder than anything you have done before. Setting A* in the new A levels.

How to Survive A Levels. A-Levels are very different to GCSEs; and everyone will tell you so. You may be familiar with the rules for setting A* in the current A levels: students must get enough UMS marks to achieve a grade A overall and achieve 90% or more of the UMS marks at A2. yes, it is.

and is an B good enough to for a level thanks. whats your opinion?

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A-Level Art Background information about studying Art. Art is a primarily practical course that develops several skills, two of which are your observation and analysis skills.

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10 years ago. Posted by: Cath Jadhav, Posted on: 31 March 2017 - Categories: A levels and GCSEs. Studying A-levels can be hard work. Anonymous. Relevance.