Present Perfect/already/yet Present Perfect vs Past tense By Profr. Wh - questions Wh word + do/does (auxilliary) + subject + verb infinitive + the rest of the sententes?

Cross-priming, the result of this process, describes the stimulation of naive cytotoxic CD8 + T cells into activated cytotoxic CD8 + T cells. Open the PowerPoint file you want to present. This button closes Presenter view. Keep slides updated Click the Slide Show tab then Set Up Slide Show. "Wh words" : what, Create a self-running presentation. Cross-presentation is the ability of certain antigen-presenting cells to take up, process and present extracellular antigens with MHC class I molecules to CD8 T cells (cytotoxic T cells). PRESENTATION supports both PPT and PPTX files. Turn off Presenter view during a presentation.
Select the Enable remote viewers to download the presentation check box if you want to allow your audience to download a copy of the presentation file.

Affirmative Form Subject + verb infinitive + the rest of the sentence We add -s or -es to the verb infinitive in the 3rd person singular : HE / SHE / IT.

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See Also. Record your slide show. At the top of the Presentation view window, click Use Slide Show. For more than 30 years, the TED conference series has presented enlightening talks that people enjoy watching. To send your meeting invitation … This means you can open and edit presentations from others, and then save them right from WPS Office knowing others will be able open them without any issues.

This is useful if you need to access meeting features like in-meeting chat or managing participants while sharing your PowerPoint presentation. As a result, both your personal computer screen and the projector screen show the slide show.
Under Show type, select … Click Slide Show > Present Online > Office Presentation Service. PRESENTATION is a world-class application and comes with all the formatting tools needed to create amazing presentations.