Biological factors include such things as genetic influences, brain chemistry, hormone levels, nutrition, and gender. Childhood development is generally guided by how the brain responds to stimuli. Normal brain development is typically dependent on genetic factors as well as outside influences such as how parents respond to the needs of a child or even a baby. These themes will need to be kept in mind when assessing the factors affecting each child’s development. Hormonal factors are particularly important in the stature-weight and intellectual development. Learning and Maturation 4. Prior to birth, a mother’s diet and overall health play a role in a child’s development. The cognitive impacts DNA has on a child Genetic affects on a child’s social interactions A child's social interaction is generally similar to their parents. Genetic and Environmental Factors of Intelligence One of the most interesting and controversial areas in behavioral genetics, human intelligence is currently assumed to be subject to both genetic and environmental influences. Intelligence and Cognitive Development 3. The factors are: 1. The presence and severity of many important environmental risk factors for child psychiatric disorders, such as family conflict and life events, can be related to an individual’s genetic make-up. Sex 6. Brain development in childhood involves the forming of complex connections between nerve cells. This phenomenon of gene–environment correlation, in which genetic and environmental risk factors co-occur in a non-random fashion, gives rise to several important issues. ScienceDaily. To help professionals assess the factors affecting a child’s development, they have been grouped into four areas: Research conducted at Rutgers University demonstrated how prenatal factors affect linguistic development and how postnatal factors are key components contributing to a child’s cognitive development.

Factor # 1. Environment 5. Relationship with Family Members 7. Number of Family Members 8. Human development occurs after significant interaction between your body (your biology/genes) with every experience you go through (this is based on the environment you're in). For instance, if a parent tends to be very shy and not talk much while around people, the child will likely act in the So this is between nature and nurture.

Genes and Environment. Archives ofDisease in Childhood, 51, 853. The following points highlight the eight main factors influencing language development of a child. In what way can these factors influence the course of development? Genes affecting our communication skills relate to genes for schizophrenia and autism: Genetic links depend on stages in a child's development. The environment also plays a vital role in child development. Human development, from the moment of conception, is influenced by a multitude of factors including genetic heritage, interaction with the physical and social environment, and personal biological and psychological limitations. Illness or disease can influence the physical development of a child. However, few studies have examined whether there are shared genetic effects between aspects of child growth and later health outcomes. Bilingualism. The presence and severity of many important environmental risk factors for child psychiatric disorders, such as family conflict and life events, can be related to an individual’s genetic make-up. Individual reactions and responses to these factors insure that no child … Two specific biological factors that affect children's development are nutrition and gender. Factors Affecting Child Development 1. Early attachment, a specific personal relationship developing between an infant and the caregiver has been considered essential for survival as well as for later physical and mental development in primates including the human species [].The human newborn, however competent in many ways [], cannot survive unless responsive adults feed and protect them from environmental hazards. (2017, January 3).

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