Click on a product link above for documentation on APIs, standards support, and technical integrations. Take a quick video tour of all the knowledge resources available to you. Alma Training Videos (Ex Libris) All of the Alma training videos available from the Ex Libris Knowledge Center. Webinars provided by Ex Libris on a variety of topics, both upcoming and past recordings. This training is intended for Alma customers who have purchased the Alma Digital add-on for managing digital collections directly in Alma. Here you will find the latest information on all Ex Libris products, including documentation, knowledge articles, training, and more. Build your solutions with APIs, system integrations, and standards support. LEARN. ALMA PRIMO SUMMON ESPLORO CAMPUSM LEGANTO ROSETTA SFX ALEPH VOYAGER. Ex Libris (China) is pleased to announce that the Beijing Normal University has furthered cooperation with Ex Libris by establishing a Joint Training Center that will meet all aspects of advanced training requirements for existing customers in China while serving as a hands-on demonstration site for our potential clients. Welcome to the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center.

App Center; Login; Extend. The Alma Digital training series walks through the process of using the Alma Unified Resource Management (URM) framework to manage your digital resources in Alma. December 22, 2005. Start here! Alma Digital: Overview Create and … Ex Libris. Ex Libris Product Webinars.

Beijing, China . Alma Documentation by Functional Area (Ex Libris) Delve into documentation related to the different functional areas found in libraries. Collaborate and build solutions with the developer community. BUILD.