You should aim to complete more than the minimum number of CPD entries each year and reflect on your practice at least once per month. FAQ - Continuing professional development for pharmacists and pharmacy interns (343 KB,PDF), Word version (95.2 KB,DOCX) Pharmacists can use CPD planning resources available from pharmacy professional associations or the Board’s blank template CPD plan/record (below) to develop and maintain their own CPD plan and … How to CPD and revalidate like a Boss... Hi and welcome to PharmacyCPA's (PCPA) new tutorial on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and GPhC revalidation. Firstly, we will give you a brief overview of what CPD and revalidation are, followed by a step by step walkthrough of the official GPhC CPD learning site … Describe an unplanned event or activity that enabled you to learn something new or refresh your knowledge and skills? This CPD module provides an overview of rheumatoid arthritis and helps pharmacy technicians spot its signs and symptoms. The peer discussion is a development activity introduced as part of revalidation to encourage pharmacy professionals to reflect upon their practice with someone who understands their work, with the aims of gaining … To see examples of what should be recorded, see What resources are available?. Revalidation officially began on 30 March 2018, replacing the old continuing professional development (CPD) process. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians entering their second year of revalidation now need to submit one peer discussion and one reflective account, as well as four CPD entries covering planned and unplanned … Guidance on how to complete records CPD planned learning Planned learning is when you decide to develop your knowledge and / or skills in advance of carrying out the learning activity. This learning is relevant to me because I dispense inhalers to patients with respiratory conditions and there is a gap in my knowledge about using some new inhalers. CPD Unplanned Learning Form (this mirrors the General Pharmaceutical Council’s forms) 1. OF CPD ACTIVITIES GUIDANCE SHEET - EXAMPLES The table below sets out some examples of CPD activities you can undertake and examples of the types of evidence you could keep (for example in your portfolio). CPPE have a dedicated gateway page on Revalidation , which contains links to the GPhC information on the revalidation framework, fact sheets and … Revalidation provides further assurance to people using pharmacy services that pharmacy professionals are continuing to meet the standards set out by the GPhC throughout their careers. It is not an What is a peer discussion?

Unplanned CPD examples: Community, Hospital, Academic, Locum and more. You are likely to learn more than you need to meet the GPhC's CPD requirement through working as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.