Effective collaborative assessments require an open-ended environment with focused tasks for students to solve. Clarity matters. Collaborative learning is dependent on the effectiveness of the group for the students to attend and accomplish their assignments.
Effective online assignments and activities typically.....take advantage of the web as a learning environment. Shunning collaborative work in the learning environment.

The entire group discussion relies on strong communication skills (sending information, receiving feedback, and sharing it with the whole class). Write a lesson plan for a class in an online course you'd like to teach. Bottom line: This handy tool encourages collaboration and creative expression, and it makes sharing assignments and giving feedback a snap for teachers. Given the rapid pace of development and innovation in educational Digital writing spaces such as websites, blogs, forums, and wikis most clearly resemble the writing spaces students traditionally use (paper, word processors). Activities that require consensus building or problem solving are great fits for collaborative assignments.

Online collaborative forms of assessment occupy unusual education territory. Design a collaborative learning activity to go with this lesson that is appropriate for your learners Collaborative work helps to build a learning community among distance learners and promotes deeper learning by making it …

The course also had a substantial open website with an online lab manual (Olivo, 2003) and an online video guide to the readings (Olivo, 2011); adding another online component would fit right in. Students should know what the goals and expectations are for an assignment and should have the opportunity to check their progress periodically. Learn more about designing effective collaborative assessments by visiting Collaborative Assessment. investigated their attitudes towards collaborative writing activity using Google Docs. Collaborative, Social, and Multimedia Writing. Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: Free to try, Paid 30-day free trial; $9.99 per month per teacher and $99.99 per year per teacher for unlimited classes, subjects, and cloud storage. In the case of social media platforms, these likely are the writing spaces students most commonly use. These samples may include: assignment descriptions and details, grading rubric examples, examples of team/peer and individual project evaluation, and examples of student papers/projects. Adding a collaborative writing assignment would be an easy extension of what we already were doing. Below you will find several examples of collaborative project assignments that have been used in PPCC courses.
Including collaborative assessments may provide students’ additional opportunities to practice formal and informal peer assessment. The result of this study will provide an insight into how technology can be used to support students’ mutual learning and how much collaboration on written assignments in an online learning environment had on students’ writing abilities. Faculty can help students build these skills with the use of collaborative group assignments. In addition to challenging conventional canons of academic assessment, such approaches offer the potential to generate insights into individual and group ... or the choice of topics for assignments. The web offers a wealth of information, services, and tools that can be incorporated into assignments and course activities; you can use its networked, hypertextual nature to stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, and promote critical thinking. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) allows a U.S.-based classroom to connect with a class at a college or university abroad, and work together on one or various assignments. If Example Collaborative Assignments. In key respects, instructors consider group projects in online courses no different from similar assignments in person.

Faculty and students will have increased opportunities to enhance their global and …