The Okanagan will have considerably hotter summers, along with warmer winters and longer growing seasons, according to a new climate change report. Santos Climate Change Report 2020 Introduction Technology advances and choices by consumers and businesses to use energy more eiciently can moderate growth in energy demand even as the economy expands, allowing society to do more with less, which is vital to address climate change. Report Summary Our latest national survey finds that, in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, American public opinion about climate change has remained steady and, in some cases, reached all-time highs. An animation of a GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies) climate model simulation made for the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report, showing five-year averaged surface air temperature anomalies in degrees Celsius from 1880 to 2100.

Water and Climate Change. His earlier research on economic impacts of climate change had predicted $1.2 trillion in cumulative damages from now to 2050 assuming a global temperature increase of 3.8-4C by 2100. Paris/Geneva — Climate change will affect the availability, quality and quantity of water needed for basic human needs, thus undermining enjoyment of the basic rights to safe drinking water and sanitation for billions of people, warns the latest UN World Water Development Report. Targeting upper-elementary-aged children, the site includes interactive games, hands-on activities, and engaging articles that make climate science accessible and fun. March 2020.

The 2020 edition of the World Water Development Report (WWDR 2020) entitled ‘Water and Climate Change’ aims at helping the water community to tackle the challenges of climate change and informing the climate change community about the opportunities that improved water management offers in terms of adaptation and mitigation. Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Climate Change Protests have elevated climate change in the 2020 election. Download the full report. With a special section for educators, Climate … NASA’s Climate Kids website brings the exciting science of climate change and sustainability to life, providing clear explanations for the big questions in climate science. “We have to aim high at the next climate conference in Glasgow in November”, said Mr. Guterres, speaking at the launch of the report at UN Headquarters in New York, on Tuesday, referring to the 2020 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), due to be held in the Scottish City in November. The temperature anomaly is a measure of how much warmer or colder it is at a particular place and time … While carbon emissions continue to rise globally, and each year seemingly sets a new record for global temperatures, a significant gap remains in achieving …
UN Secretary-General António Guterres calls it “the defining threat of our time”, and we should see no end to the urgency and action needed to address it. Published on Wed 29 Jan 2020 08 ... suggest that climate change is increasing gender-based violence,” said Cate Owren, a lead author of the report, … The period from now until 2020 is critical to the success of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Financial companies are increasingly being recognized — by their clients, shareholders, regulators, and the general public — as climate actors, with a responsibility to mitigate their climate impact.

By Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder , Staff Writer Oct. 11, 2019 The authors call on States to make more concrete commitments to address the challenge. The 750 respondents to the WEF’s 2020 Global Risks Perception Survey ranked extreme weather events, climate action failure, natural disasters, biodiversity loss and human-made environmental disasters the top five most likely risks for the global economy this year – ahead of data fraud, cyberattacks, water crisis, global governance failure and assets bubbles. The Bank Group’s Climate Change Action Plan (2016-2020) lays out ambitious targets to be met by 2020, including helping client countries add 30 gigawatts of renewable energy, put in place early warning systems for 100 million people, and develop climate-smart agriculture investment plans for at least 40 countries.