On our May call, Tony Leise Citizens' Climate Lobby--Omaha Chapter Volunteer.

What happens when the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters, Citizens Climate Lobby and local conservatives pack into a room with a new member of Congress and a former member of Congress? The group meets at Trinity United Methodist Church, 511 N Elm, at 3pm.

This is co-hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Omaha Chapter, Nebraskans for Peace and the John C. Kenefick Faculty Chair in the Humanities at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. “Scientific Consensus” is the subject of Omaha’s Citizens Climate Lobby’s monthly meeting on Saturday, May 2nd, 11:45 am. The Cental Nebraska Peace Workers Chapter of Nebraskans for Peace meets on the 4th Sunday of every month. In 1988, Dr. Hansen brought global warming to the attention of the world with his testimony before Congress.

Well, a good discussion follows. Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s numbers continue to grow as people seek a way to make a difference in the fight to limit the effects of climate change. His testimony is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in public awareness of climate change.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby–Omaha Chapter is sponsoring this event. "I felt like there was this line that I shouldn't cross," she said. Omaha, NE. NLCV (Nebraska League of Conservation Voters), NCEF (Nebraska Conservation Educational Fund), and NFP (Nebraskans for Peace, their climate person) are the other experts who will tell you briefly who they are and what they do, and later answer questions. The Peace vigils are held the following Wednesday at 5pm on the corner of State St and Webb St, by the Grand Island mall. Only one in ten Americans (9%) correctly understands that there is a scientific consensus about human-caused climate change.

It helps that Nebraska LCV is more conservative than the national folks, that CCL is always encouraging, that the new member of Congress is a very … Peace Vigils Monthly in Grand Island . (He used his trek to raise money for the Citizens' Climate Lobby, which promotes the policy.) Dutton hedged for a while, too.

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