It also explores s 24.10.2014 2. An Introduction to Crime and Crime Causation is a student-friendly textbook that defines and explains the concepts of crime, criminal law, and criminology. Sociological Theories of Crime Causation Professor Byrne Oct.26, 2009 Lecture Major Sociological Theories Strain Theories: Cohen, Cloward and Ohlin, Merton ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 3f1701-YzI5Z Prominent theories of crime causation are strain theory, in which people commit crimes to get relief from strain or stress, and control theory, which claims that others force people to do crimes. Theories of crime (criminology) 1. Essay on The Multiple Factor Approaches to Crime Causation ! Eventually, the sociologists made use of ‘multiple-factor approach’ to explain the causation of crime. 61. Most sociological theories of crime causation assume that a criminal’s behavior is determined by his or her social environment and reject the notion of the born criminal. Concept of disease Dr. Rizwan S A, M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, VMCH&RI, Madurai. The social learning theory is the idea that people learn to do crimes through their association with others. Despite repeated attempts on the part of criminologists propounding different views to formulate a singular theoretical explanation for criminal behaviour, no hypothesis could answer the issue satisfactorily. Ideal for a one-semester course, the book compares and contrasts early criminal behavior and today’s modern forms of crime.