After the title page, begin the manuscript halfway down and place your name and contact details in the top right-hand corner. 9. Place the page numbers in the top right-hand corner. Anyone who’s tried to turn out a novel knows this exercise.

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Muthiara à € by Abo Daniel . "The font should be a serif typeface like Times New Roman, 12 or 14 points. Yesterday | All-Time. Fonts; Best Fonts for Books: The Only 5 Fonts You’ll Ever Need. Regardless of the font you choose for your eBook manuscript, once the file is converted to ePUB format, the CUSTOMER will decide which font they want to read your book in. Place the title at the foot of every page. 10. To save you from the hassle of trudging through endless options, we’ve put together a list of 30 best handwriting fonts for web designers, and tried to … It tells you how to format the manuscript completely. Download . Don’t use a cool font for effect.

Size More options . Yes, Times New Roman is boring, but it’s essentially on every computer ever made. Fonts. When it comes to eBook fonts, your best bet is to stick to standard fonts and let your readers choose the size and style they like best. 12. Let’s talk about one of our favourite writing avoidance devices: picking the right font for your manuscript. 1. Set margins to at least 40mm on the left, 25mm top and bottom and about 13mm on the right.

11. Here’s what’s expected for a standard manuscript format. 13. Various handwritten fonts exist on the web, and filtering out the best ones is a challenge most web designers struggle with.

Serif text tends to be more readable than sans serif fonts like Arial and Verdana. On a personal note, I always change manuscript fonts to Times New Roman for manuscripts submitted to me since the serif font is easier to read on a print copy (and I always edit from hard copy). Books are a classic print format and, even with their transition into the eBook world, they still look their best when set in one of the following tried-and-tested typefaces. Use black, 12-point, Times New Roman as the font. Save that for your interior design, which comes much later after the editing process.

September 30, 2015 . As the saying goes—if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.