1700 kg of plastics collected in Dimapur Children participating in a cleanliness drive with CDPO Jakhama staff. Click to enlarge! Eastern Mirror Desk/Our Correspondent.
It is a mass movement to stop plastic pollution.

Plastic bottles are one of the most widely recycled products, but … Beat Plastic Pollution If you can’t reuse it, refuse it. On this day, Isha Foundation and Rally for Rivers … Or that by 2050, we’ll have more plastic in our oceans than fish! A A A. Posted on June 4, 2018 by Sarah Robson - News.

Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Pledge to Beat Plastic Pollution this World Environment Day 2018 Last Updated: 24 Jan, 2019 By Nidhi Singh. How to Beat Plastic Pollution this World Environment Day. plastic bottles, bags and microbeads) in the Earth's environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. Dimapur, June 5 (EMN): To commemorate the World Environment Day, more than 800 denizens of Dimapur came together to give the city a clean look on …

“Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, with statistics showing that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050.” (United Nations) World Environment Day 2018 takes place on 5 th June every year and the …

Use our resources to help make the decision, and take the plastic pledge. May 30, 2018 . Plastics that act as pollutants are categorized into micro-, meso-, or macro debris, based on size. World Environment Day 2018. Beat Plastic Pollution”, the theme for World Environment Day 2018, is a call to action for all of us to come together to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time. In mid-1800’s plastic came to the rescue of the wildlife, yes the product was an alternative to elephant ivory which was gradually becoming scarce due to extensive use in making combs, piano keys, billiard balls and trinkets. Our class charts reflects the same. Article . Collective small steps can make big changes.

Did you know that one in three leatherback sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs? …

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles (e.g.

This has motivated us to take up “Beat Plastic Pollution” as our class theme. (National Geographic) Planet or plastic?

June 5th, 2018 will not be just another day for this planet and certainly not just another “World Environment Day”! The theme for World Environment Day is “Beat Plastic Pollution.” We can get you started with these family-friendly tips. Nagaland pledges to beat plastic pollution. The students were totally involved … Chosen by this year’s host, India, the theme of World Environment Day 2018 invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on our natural places, … This year the UNEP has taken up the theme “Beat Plastic pollution” to make the world aware of the consequences of plastic pollution, India being the host country. By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 06, 2018 1:04 am.

Plastics are inexpensive and durable, and as a result levels of plastic production by humans are high.