Ashur Overview (A MUST READ! The Assyrian Ashur was equivalent to Enlil who was the supreme god of Nippur. Under Assyria's king Sargon, Ashur became the father of Anu, the Babylonian * god of the sky and the main creative force in the universe. Ishtar, otherwise known as Ishhara, Iriniri or Inanna, was the most important goddess and the wife of Ashur. Ashur (also Assur, Aššur; written A-šur, also Aš-šùr,ܐܫܘܪ in Neo-Assyrian often shortened to Aš) is the head of the Assyrian pantheon. Anhur (Han-her, Inhert) is often known by his Greek name, Onuris. He was an east Semitic god who was also known as Assur. He was considered the highest god in the Assyrian pantheon and the protector of the Assyrian state. He probably originated as the deified city Assur (pronounced Ashur),which dates from the 3rd millennium BC and was the capital of the Old Assyrian kingdom. Tefnut, Shu, Bastet. He is the god of war, and is symbolized by a dragon and winged disk. She is the goddess of love, protection and war.

Ashur, Quotes From Texts (A MUST READ! ostrich plumes, lion, spear. He was an ancient Egyptian god of war and hunting from This (in the Thinite region near Abydos) who defended his father (the sun god Ra) from his enemies (giving him the epithet “slayer of enemies”).He was one of the gods who stood at the front of the sun god’s barque and defended him from Apep. In the Mesopotamian mythology he was the equivalent of Babylonian Marduk. In early Egyptian mythology, Anhur (also spelled Onuris, Onouris, An-Her, Anhuret, Han-Her, Inhert) was a god of war who was worshipped in the Egyptian area of Abydos, and particularly in Thinis. Personal information. Anhur was depicted wearing a headdress of two or four tall feathers. Ashur is the national god of Assyria. C ., Ashur was identified with the supreme Sumerian god Enlil, probably in an effort to portray him as king of the gods. The god Ashur was a highly respected deity worshiped mainly in north east Syria and old Assyria.
***) Ashur by Wikipedia (ALSO SEE ZECHARIA SITCHIN’S MANY BOOKS ON THIS SUBJECT!) Ashur definition: the chief deity , god of war and empire | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Assur is also the name of the chief deity of the city. It was in 14th century BC that Ashur came to be known as the husband of Ninlil and father of Zababa and Ninirta. Ashur was worshipped mainly by the upper half of Mesopotamia.

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