In the following survey questions example, the user selects only one out of the seven provided. 17-25. do you follow the taching of your religion?

Live birth 2. There are questions regarding abortion that need both academic and scientific research. Many methods have been created to test these attitudes. As part of my GCSE humanities coursework on abortion i need to do reserach,but people around me all have the same opinon so please answer these questions.thanks. sure you include all pregnancies during the last TWO (2) years. 26-35. 1. Michael G. Taylor and George I. Whitehead Salisbury University Abstract Attitudes towards abortion have been a focal point within politics and religion for many years. You could configure this question to allow users to select multiple answers, such as all of the above responses. abortion and infection, sexual ideology/attitudes to gender, sexual and reproductive health knowledge and sources of information, protective, or risk behaviour, condom use, or health seeking and perceived quality of care. Extrapolating from abortion rates among urban literate women (13%), the number of women who, by 2016, have had at least one abortion would therefore be around 4.7 million.

29 Evidence from the pilot survey 19 suggested that under-reporting of abortions with this method is around 40%, which may affect the conclusions drawn about the circumstances around abortion. sample size was not based on power calculations but chosen because a previous similar survey had proved such a sample feasible and statistically suffi-cient.6 The gender and age distribution among those invited to participate differed from the national distribution by a maximum of 5%. what area do you work … Keywords: Mid-level providers, Safe abortion care. Spontaneous abortion 6. Applying the abortion rate from the previous year, the estimated number of women who had an abortion in 2015 would be approximately 503,000.

Introduction. Stillbirth 4.

what is your religion?
The Measurement of Attitudes Toward Abortion . Nearly half of all abortions (21.6 million) worldwide are unsafe, and nearly all unsafe abortions (98%) occur in developing countries [1–4]. It does not matter how they ended, whether in a live birth, an abortion, a miscarriage, or a stillbirth. Another limitation is under-reporting of abortions, which can vary in surveys between 29% and 59%. is your religion for or against abortion? 36-45.

Abortion questionnaire? what is your age. Multiple: stillbirth 5. Multiple: live birth 3. Induced abortion 7. 10-16. Efforts to improve mid-level as well as other health care providers’ knowledge on abortion are necessary, for example, through pre−/on-service training. 45+ what is your gender?

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