3 Overall Best Practice Notes Structure vs. Abstract Social media is both structured and abstract – it’s new media marketing’s biggest juxtaposition. What is a social media style guide? Social Media Style Guide Version 1.0 | May 2016 4 Mood and Tone • All lifestyle images should look authentic, spontaneous, approachable and “in-the-moment,” rather than posed and looking at the camera. It’s a document you create and share, showing the right voice, tone, colors, words, and visuals that makes your brand you.

Style guides are essential partners in the creation of effective content. NYU Social Media Style Guide New York University Social Media Style Guide | 7 Instagram • Edit photos and apply filters in third-party software or apps (such as VSCO Cam, Lightroom, or iPhoto). Your style guide will relate to and be part of your overall marketing brand guidelines. They help ensure consistency of tone, voice, brand, spelling and grammar, giving our content credibility and value. But what about social media? social gatherings can be lighthearted and fun, whereas Rick provided a great breakdown of the elements of editorial style for the web last August. It’s not your content marketing strategy. • Images should be artsy but not unnatural—effects should never compromise image quality (i.e.

A social media style guide is your map to guide how your brand appears on social media. That’s the what. For social media, a style guide is invaluable. It informs your approach to multi-channel content, which in turn shapes what people think of when they hear your name, what they tell others about your brand and how you make them feel. Here's how to create one. This Social Media Style Guide will focus on the Society's four most utilized social channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The style guide is crucial in how we modernize our story, present it and how we intend to be perceived, setting the tone for engagement and resulting activity. A social media style guide is the go-to source for how your brand appears and acts on social. It’s where you go to know how your brand should look and behave on social. • The mood of the shots should reflect the activity being captured (i.e.