(Entry 1 of 2) : a dance of Southern plantation blacks accompanied by complexly rhythmic hand clapping and slapping of the knees and thighs. Juba Xpress Inn. Aron International Hotel. Juba, dance of Afro-American slaves, found as late as the 19th century from Dutch Guiana to the Caribbean and the southern United States. Hotels with free wifi in Juba. Nile Beach Hotel.
It became an African-American plantation dance that was performed by slaves during their gatherings when no rhythm instruments were allowed due to fear of secret codes hidden in the drumming. Royal Palace Hotel. Juba I of Numidia ( Latin: IVBA, Punic: ywbʿy; c. 85 –46 BC) was a king of Numidia ( reigned 60–46 BC).

Juba definition, a lively dance accompanied by rhythmic hand clapping, developed by plantation slaves of the U.S. See more.
Panorama Sarovar Portico Hotel. It was danced by a circle of men around two men who performed various steps ( e.g., the juba, the long dog scratch, the pigeon wing) in response to a rhythmic call and to the clapping (patting juba) of the other dancers. The Juba dance was originally brought by Kongo slaves to Charleston, South Carolina. Definition of juba. Juba Grand Hotel. Quality Hotel Juba. Royal Palace Hotel. Dream Palace Hotel. Bed and breakfasts in Juba. “Juba This, Juba That:” the history and appropriation of patting juba Posted on February 24, 2015 by olsonhe I took an interest in “patting juba,” a form of music-making created by African Americans in the 19th century, because of the patterns, the musicality, and the songs that accompanied it. Concord Hotel Juba. He was the son and successor to Hiempsal II . Juba Grand Hotel. Amarat Classic Hotel. Hotels with free breakfast in Juba.

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