A genre is a form of communication such as a book, a billboard, or a blog. Genre Analysis: The CARS Model
Swales (1990): Move and step analysis of introductions to research articles: the CARS (creating a research space) model
Move 1: Establishing a territory
Step 1. Genre analysis essays usually deal with several genres as there isn’t a text, movie, or painting, made using one “pure” genre. Every work of art is a mix of different styles, though usually some of the specialized characteristics define the object as a whole. Genre Analysis final draft due 2/17/10 1:30 p.m. To deepen our understanding of discourse community concepts, we will analyze both traditional and multimedia documents as genres. Although the disciplines differ in some of their purposes and settings, they share the difficulty of helping students advance beyond simplified understandings of genre to the complex decisions needed to address particular situations. In Genre Analysis, John Swales combined rhetoric and linguistics to explain genre as grounded in shared communicative purposes and discoverable through text analysis.

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